Banks jump on the car of fast loans online

The number of consumers who demand financial products that can be contracted through the internet grows month by month. The banks seem to have taken note of this and more and more entities are offering fast online credits and other products through their digital platforms. The last to join this trend has been Liberbank, which has launched a line of instant loans of 4,500 million euros.

Fast online credits of up to € 15,000 for Liberbank customers

During the following months, families will have to scratch their pockets to face vacations, return to school and Christmas. To give you a hand, Liberbank offers its customers fast online credits of up to € 15,000 to be repaid in a maximum of 6 years. According to the entity, up to 722,000 users may contract this product through the Internet, from an ATM or in the same office. In addition, to obtain a fast online loan Green Day Online from, it will not be necessary to submit any documentation.

Fast online loans that you can ask your bank

The fast online credits of private companies emerged as an alternative to traditional bank loans, but lately, banks have put their batteries and many already offer the possibility of getting money quickly through the internet.

Pre-granted credits

Liberbank’s fast online loan belongs to this category. These products are lines of credit that the bank makes available to its customers so that they withdraw the money they need at any time. Many of them can already be requested online, but to be granted, we must have the confidence of the entity.

Payroll Advances

Asking an advance of our payroll through the internet is another way to get money in a short time. The amount we can get and the return period will depend on each entity, as well as interest. To request it, we must have our payroll registered at the bank.

Credit cards

Credit cards also work as quick loans. Most can be requested through the internet and some can be obtained without having to change banks. For example, the bancopopular-e credit card can be ordered without opening an account at bancopopular-e and also offers many advantages: it does not have annual fees, it includes discounts of up to 30% in several establishments and they will give us € 25 after our first purchase with card or withdrawal of cash.

Online private fast loans: the alternative to banks

The online quick loans granted by banks can help us deal with emergency situations, but present several drawbacks:

  • Strict requirements: banks will only grant us a quick online loan if we have a good credit history. In addition, we may be required to have a certain age.
  • The charge of commissions: some banks will charge us study or opening fees if we hire their credits. However, some entities such as ING Direct offer loans without commissions and without any hidden expenses.
  • We can not get them if we are in Asnef: banks do not lend money to people who are registered in delinquent registers.

If our bank is not willing to lend us the money we need, we can still go to private companies. Their fast online loans usually have a slightly higher price, but they will not demand so many requirements and we will not have to contract any linked product. In addition, with some lenders, we can get extra money even if we are enrolled in Asnef. With the HelpMyCash loan comparator, we will find the best offers.